Your make up for Summer 2023

MKL takes you on a journey to a paradisiacal oasis to discover your make-up for summer 2023. From the deepest blue of the ocean to the most sparkling aqua green, without forgetting the roaring tones of the coral reef and the absolute black that envelops you in a summer night surrounded by nature.

The camouflage foundation

Camouflage foundation: eliminates all imperfections.
Perfect Body, a MKL patent. It is the camouflage product par excellence. Magical on the body, but I’ll tell you a secret: it’s crazy on the face too!

Foundation: let’s start from the bases

Lightweight and versatile foundation.
The perfect base, composed of foundation, is the most important part of a good make-up. Preparing the skin before applying any primer is essential.

On Valentine’s Day love your Light

On the celebration of Love, remember the greatest love of your life: YOU!
Take an evening dedicated to you: choose the outfit you feel most comfortable with, pick up the brushes and get ready to enhance the beauty of your face. We have 4 simple, bright and effective looks ready for you.