3 Easy Christmas looks made with the Viva Magenta All Over Palette, perfect for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be incredibly stressful, so don’t forget to take care of yourself! Get ready for special occasions by creating original looks with the Christmas Edition Kit. Create your Viva Magenta Christmas make-up with our kit, comprising the Viva Magenta All Over Palette and the 3D & Shine Volume Gel Nail Polish in the magenta shade.

Viva Magenta is the 2023 Pantone color, a natural shade, belonging to the red spectrum. It is a brave, strong, pulsating, exuberant color, which promotes celebrations of joy and optimism, perfect for closing one year and welcoming the new one.

The All Over Palette is multifunctional. In addition to the pilot color, Viva Magenta, that can be used on the eyes, cheekbones and lips, three other shades stand out: Black and Mud; watercolor and perfect to be used as an eyeliner. Finally, the extreme light point is perfect for illuminating the eyes.

Viva Magenta Christmas Make-Up: here are the 3 Easy Looks made with the Viva Magenta All Over Palette perfect for the holiday season.


Want to experiment with a bold look?

Let’s start from the base with a foundation as the Magic Liquid Powder, a formula with multiple functions, that is concealer, base and powder. Choose the Viva Magenta palette and apply the Viva Magenta shade all over the eyelid with Brush E, perfect for creating shades. Next, spread the same color on your cheekbones and lips. Complete the look with a mascara that gives volume to your lashes.



Instead of the typical red, choose Magenta, an expression of grace and pride.

Once the base is done, use the Black shade from the Viva Magenta All Over Palette to create the eyeliner. Watercolor it and with the help of the Pencil Tip Brush you can draw a perfect graphic line. Next, use the VEG 02 Curling Mascara for a spectacular lash effect. Spread the Magenta color from the All Over Palette on your lips. Use the same shade to create a slight pinkish tinge on your cheeks. Finally, use the light point of the All Over Palette to illuminate your cheekbones, et voilà!



Do you want to be able to enjoy New Year’s Eve without worrying about your make-up getting flaked?

Once the base is done, fix it with MKL Fixing Water. To ensure that your make-up stays in place all night and doesn’t drip, just use the Chubby Eye Primer. Then take the All Over Palette and spread the Magenta shade all over the fixed eyelid and in the lower lash line. For the inner corner of the eye, use the extreme point of light. Just use the Black shade to create the eyeliner with the Pencil Tip Brush. To complete the look, use the Waterproof Veg 01 Mascara to enhance your lashes.


Final bonus, to make every look even more memorable. The magenta color represents dynamism; red shades are powerful colors that celebrate life. The 3D Volume Gel nail polish in the magenta shade is perfect for giving liveliness even in the winter months, courage and fun. This dynamic mix exudes rebellion, but without compromising its smoothness.

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