On the celebration of Love, remember the greatest love of your life: YOU! Take an evening dedicated to you: choose the outfit you feel most comfortable with, pick up the brushes and get ready to enhance the beauty of your face. We have 4 simple, bright and effective looks ready for you.

4 + 1 Easy and beautiful looks to try on Valentine’s Day

We know, February is the month of Love; February 14th is a holiday that we all know well and that has been celebrated for hundreds of years (did you know that there are traces of this holiday already in the Middle Ages since, on February 14, 1400, the High Tribunal of Love in Paris was created?!).

And how best to prepare and celebrate Valentine’s Day?

On the day of Love, remember the greatest love of your life: YOU!
Whether you are single, in a relationship or in a moment of uncertainty, take an evening dedicated to you: put on your favorite song, choose the outfit you feel most comfortable with, pick up the brushes and prepare to enhance the Beauty of your Face. We have 4 simple, bright and effective looks ready for you, to make your Valentine’s Day unique.

1. Natural Beauty

Do you want to focus on fresh and natural make-up?
Choose a light foundation, a concealer to minimize imperfections, comb your eyebrows and focus on your smile, emphasizing the cheek area with the Rose Gold luminous blush, to be spread on the cheeks.
This will catalyze attention in the central area of the face and illuminate the face delicately.

2. Sensual Lips

For a more intriguing touch, choose a lipstick that reflects your personality (although we recommend opting for shades of red, which has always been a symbol of Love and Passion).
To balance the choice of important lips, spread your Rose Gold Lifting Blush on the upper part of the cheekbone, to also highlight the upper area of the face. Furthermore, applying blush in this way will give a lifting effect to the face, radiating sparks of light, which will dazzle your partner.

Ultra-chic tip: take a little Blush and apply it to the center of the lips for an extra shiny result!

3. . For a penetrating gaze

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so why not make them the main characters on Valentine’s Day?
If you choose to enhance your eyes, try Rose Gold Magic Powder, a luminous pearlescent powder, which you can apply alone or with your favorite eyeshadows. To open up the look, apply it mainly in the inner corner of the eye, under the arch of the eyebrows, and on the cheekbone as a highlighter.
Complete your makeup with a super black and volumizing mascara, Blush Rose Gold and a delicate lip gloss or balm, and you will be ready to enchant your love.

4. Bright Pop

For a slightly more colorful and fun make-up (but still super simple to do), layer your Blush Rose Gold from the cheekbone to the eye area (yes, this blush has a lot of uses!); spread Magic Powder Rose Gold on the eyelid and cheeks for a luminous and pearlescent effect.
Now choose your pencil or your favorite colored eyeshadow and apply it to the lower rim of the eye for a pop, playful and youthful effect.

This fun look is perfect for not going unnoticed, but still remaining glamorous.


For an extra effect, add the Rose Gold Magic Powder on the décolleté and collarbones: it will create a radiant skin effect and will also elegantly guide the gaze to the neck and shoulder area.

LOVE YOUR LIGHT ON VALENTINE’S DAY thanks to Rose Gold, together with MKL!

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