Flat cut all over double brush


Flat cut dual purpose brush. The straight-cut part of the brush fits perfectly on the upper and lower lashes and easily defines the eyebrows. Also ideal for applying powders or gels around the eyes or lips. While the side of the brush with the rounded part allows you to apply eyeshadows as a base on the entire eyelid or in a more localized way to create blended effects. Soft enough to allow for even application, yet firm enough to give you perfect control. It makes the dust electrostatic, not volatilizing into the air. It can be cleaned quickly with water and neutral soap.

– Exclusive sanitized laser-cut three-dimensional fiber brush

– Created for gradual release of product from high bristles

– It does not penetrate and keeps the brush intact and always clean

– What doesn’t spread on your face can be easily removed with a napkin

– Practicality

– Cleanness

– Technology

25 anni
made in itlay
cruelty free