Flat-cut convex brush ideal for applying bronzers, liquid powders or liquid or cream foundation


Flat-cut convex brush suitable for applying any bronzer, liquid powder, foundation: liquid, fluid cream on the face, neck and décolleté. The flat and tapered shape allows correct and homogeneous application of the product without streaks.
Flat cut brush with very high quality fibers for perfect, fast and hygienic application of the product, significantly reducing product consumption. It makes the dust electrostatic, not volatilizing into the air. It can be cleaned quickly with water and neutral soap.

– Exclusive sanitized laser-cut three-dimensional fiber brush

– Created for gradual release of product from high bristles

– It does not penetrate and keeps the brush intact and always clean

– What doesn’t spread on your face can be easily removed with a napkin

– Practicality

– Cleanness

– Technology

– To be combined with the following products: Soft Mousse Fund, Silk Touch Fund, Liquid Powder, Magica Liquid Powder, Magica Liquid Terra, Liquid Peach Skin

25 anni
made in itlay
cruelty free