Lipstick with dual action, tint and skin care treatment, thanks to the special multifunctional stick-core inserted in the center


Easy and smooth application for healthy and well-hydrated lips.
Contains: the outer part is a creamy, light and comfortable lipstick rich in oils and raw materials that help minimize skin imperfections and fine lines. The central part, however, is a mix of waxes expertly blended with active ingredients that help hydrate and elasticize the skin, releasing anti-aging and anti-pollution properties.
– 2 in 1 for sensual and healthy lips. Color and skincare hydration in a single lipstick.

The Make-Up Artist recommends:
– 2 shades: Bitter and Plumrose to match the Chubby Eyesplash
– 2 shades: Nude and Black Cherry to combine with Blush Velvet
4,5 ML

25 anni
made in itlay
cruelty free